Thursday, July 26, 2007

Couldnt be more true!

So my co-worker found this on a website and thought of me:

"why, every time an ad i build has changes, do you stand over me and read the changes off to me from the proof, and explain to me what the customer wants different? i mean, you did WRITE it on the proof.... i CAN read it you know... i have a college degree, and i can follow simple directions. geez. seriously, i waste more time listening to you explain the changes to me than it would have taken to make the corrections in the first place. " - found on

THIS COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE!!! I swear I didnt right that. I wonder where they work!

Friday, June 29, 2007

I need some spice in my life!

So I have been thinking lately that I need less go go go and more FUN FUN FUN! I feel like I have been nothing but wedding stuff for the past 6 months! I tried the whole part time job but that just made it worse because then I really had NO FREE TIME! The wedding is in 3 weeks and I couldnt be happier for it to be here! I can't wait for the wedding but I SOOOOOO want to be done with the planning and preparation! Oh my goodness! There are so many directions and things to remember, its ridiculous! Luckily I have awesome cousins and mom to help me! Without them I would have run away by now!

So we are getting there on finalizing things. The tuxes are picked out and everyone just needs to go get sized and pay. The food is for the most part done with just need to get plates and junk. Flowers... done. Hair and makeup... done. Dress... done. What else is there? Oh yea a DJ! so I have one lined up or so i thought... I emailed him the other day to find out when we could meet up and I could get him my songs and I still havent had any response! I am not going to freak yet but seriously what the hell am I going to do if I cant get a hold of him?! Ok not even going to think about it!

Anywho... SO besides wedding stuff... I have been pretty blah because my hubby works so damn much!! We never get to go do things like the other couples of the world. He works all weekend and 12 hours a day on the week days. So pretty much all we do is stay home or go to the drive in. Which I love, dont get me wrong but I want to SPICE IT UP! I want to go on day trips, to the mountains, to eastern washington, to oregon, the beach, camping, festivals, just sight seeing. ANYTHING!! PLEASE!?! Well all in time I suppose. We are paying our dues now.

Plus being broke doesnt help the situation! PH ***HUMFFHHHH***

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So as you already know I suck at updating this... So I have been thinking ok maybe just big events I will blog.

SO My last Big Adventure... DUN DUNNAA NA NAAA! Was in VEGAS!
Me and my girls went to Vegas last weekend for my bachelorette party- VEGAS STYLE! WOO!

The adventures began when we arrived at our pedicures and had our friend run home for the Thunder Downunder Tickets, guess what!? She couldnt find them! So yes... We finished our pampering and drove all the way back from Renton to Mercer Island to get the tickets. Luckily they were there. So we get to the airport, ps I HATE flying!, and we ae rushing like crazy. We were really close to missing our flight but we ended up being just fine. Little did I know that our whole weekend was going to be like that. We were seriously cutting it close to EVERYTHING!

So we get to Vegas at about 2:30ish and it is HOT as HELL! I love it though. Except for when I have to walk a million miles in it! So Friday we checked in to the airport, then we decided some of us should go to the store to get some booze and snacks. So 3 of us went to the store while the other 2 sneekily decorated the room with PENISES GALORE! haha So I walked in and there were Penis Balloons and Penis Straws and Condoms and Pink Balloons and cute gift bags. IT WAS AWESOME!

So we had plans to go to Thunder Downunder that night, which I COULD NOT wait for. So after having some fun with pictures and junk we decided to get all schnazzied up to go out. Once everyone was ready we went over to the MGM to grab some sushi. Little did we know we would pay $30 for 4 little pieces of sushi! Crap... I am still craving it! So that was a shocker. After dinner we headed over to the Excalibur for the show... BARELY made it on time... I told you we were cutting it close!

When we got inside the show we had the best seats!! Front Row! Can I just tell you that them guys are HOT!!!! This one guy... GOD DAYUMMM! haha **"Look with your eyes... Not your hands!!"**

After the show we went over to JET in the Mirage and waited FOREVER to get in... once we did, I hated it. Not my scene. To many people. But hey it was an experience.

Anywho, the night went on and whatever.... Oh yea... We saw Warren Moon outside too.

So after about a 2 hour nappy poo, I got up and went to the pool with the girls. It was beautiful. I dont swim nor do I get into a bathsuit so I just chilled on the lawn chair soaking up the sun. After that we decided to do some sight seeing... So pretty much all of Saturday was spent seeing things. We all around the strip then to Freemont/Downtown/Old Vegas that was fun. Got kinda tipsy there. Told many stories, it was great! Then we headed over to the Palms. So we are walking around a little bit and the next thing I know we are getting escorted into the Playboy Club! PASSING THE LINE AND EVERYTHING! It was the SHIT! The place wasnt as packed as I would have expected it to be but it was just right for me... We were dancing the night away! Then we go outside to the balcony and we are seriously overlooking all of Vegas!! It was ABSOLUTLY AMAZING! Beyond words! Check out my myspace page for pics. So we closed the club at about 4:30am and headed back to the hotel for a quick 5 hour nap.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday and time to pack up and say Good Bye to Bachelorette Vegas Style! We spent our last day looking at some sites and.... GETTING TATTOOS! That's right! 4 of us girls all got tattoos on our feet! All different things. But what a GREAT way to remember Vegas! FOREVER! It was the greatest! Again see my myspace for pix. I got a "J" on my left foot. Its sexy!

So all in all we had a FREAKIN BLAST! We were all so sad to leave and go home to the daily grind. But with memories in our heads and hearts we will ALL be going back SOON!

I want to thank all my girls! Hillary, Jennifer, Carly, and Hannah! Thank you for making it a bachelorette party to remember! and seriously... I am down anytime anyone wants to go to Vegas!


Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Here! I'm Here!

ok yea yea yea... I know I haven't updated this in FOREVER! Well alot has been going on the past couple weeks.

So my last blog was about how 2 week notices are stupid if the office you are leaving is going to exclude you and treat you like poo. Well I still think that! I do not miss that place AT ALL!

SO my new job is FANTABULOUS! I absolutly LOVE it! I have deadlines, which I love, and I actually have responsibilities and get respect! Kinda weird! haha Where I moved from I hardly had any responsibilities and didn't get any kind of respect. I wasn't valued at all. Now I am. People actually rely on me! YAY! Oh yea and did I mention I work in a BEAUTIFUL location! Right on Lake Union. AND I work in an office with 2 other gals and they rock! Its so nice!

I was talking with an agent today and he was telling me how he believes that an office environment is really determined by the type of leader it has. Well our "leader" is super duper nice and friendly and knows what he is doing. He respects and cares about people. Imagine that coming from a person who has power. I KNOW... Weird Huh!? ANd my direct boss, she is awesome too! She has done pretty much every job in the office and actually knows how to do our jobs and is willing to everything that we do. Heck she does! She is amazing. SO pretty much I am super positive right now and everyone has accepted me and hasnt looked down at me at all. I LOVE IT! I see myself being here for a long time!

Ok enough work stuff...

So this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend... And we all know what that means!!!!.... MOCLIPS HERE WE COME! I am sure they hate us there but oh well! We cant do the stuff we do there here! It is always a great time. Nothing but fun! Partying, talking, bonding and TONS of memories! I always go with my bestest friends and I couldnt ask for more. So I am sure I will have a ton more stories next week.

Pretty much caught up now!
So am going to go now!
Ciao For Now!

Friday, May 11, 2007

2 weeks notice... WHY!?!

So I am at the end of my first week of my two week notice I submitted to my boss. My last day is next friday, may 18th!! I start at the new location Monday the 21st. I usually like to take a couple days off to clear my mind between jobs. It helps me tranisition. I guess that will all have to happen on the weekend. As if I am not doing enough on the weekend!

I would kind of like to talk about the 2 week notice B.S.! First of all I don't even know why I put in a 2 week notice to this place. Since the day my boss told everyone I was leaving (which I was not in the meeting on, so I am sure enough shit talking was going on!) I have been treated like I am not even there! I am being ignored by almost everyone there and everyone is getting on my last nerves! Well except a couple people. There are these ladies in the office, lets call them CC and LL, they are going NUTS! They both think they are the RULERS OF THE OFFICE DUnNN DUnNN NAA NAA! EHHHH WRONG! It has been so CRAZY busy in the office and they really cant handle the stress. LL is snapping at everyone and being rude and then WAYYY to fake happy on the phone the next. SO annoying! and CC she thinks she is the only one in the world. Its her way or its wrong. Even though half the time she just wants to change stuff for NO REASON! Whateva! Even the temp has an issue with CC. She has only been here for a week or so! haha

Anyways... So I got the job at this place because I was in a class with this girl, who is now a friend, and she is gone now! She went and left me! But to bigger and better things. She was so mistreated here and disrespected. I am so glad she flew away. SO ever since she has been gone (only 1 week or so!) I have hated the atmosphere even more! Luckily I have kind of connected with another girl in the office. She rocks! She is a true leader and deserves more! But she will some day! Big Red cant last forever! ;o)

Ok Ok So I have kind of strayed from the point of this post but all in all it comes down to, if I was going to be treated like shit then why not just let me go over and train while I could?! Now I am going to miss out on training with the girl whose position I will be taking over because her notice is up right when I start. Maybe if I was actually involved with this busy time it would make a little more sense. But it is clear that I will not be missed once I am gone from this office. It is ok though. I will keep in touch with who I want to. I mean, I'm not leaving the company, just the position and THIS OFFICE! UGG

I think I am done with this work venting! Back to searching the internet!
Ciao for Now!
P.S. Did I tell you I have been completely unproductive today! Maybe because I am sick...

Monday, May 7, 2007

What? School actually works?!

So I know I just posted one of these earlier but I actually just got great news!


So I am unsure when I will start but I can't wait! I will be working at a gorgeous office on
Lake Union. The atmosphere seems really nice!

I will be working as an Advertising Coordinator for a major Real Estate company. This is great because I have my degrees in Print Design. It's a nice feeling knowing that I will finally be working in the line of work that I wanted to!

Anywho! Just wanted to share my fantabulous news!

Ciao For Now!

I am... Who I am...

Well I thought I would make the first blog be just about me... I intend to use this as a way to get my thoughts out there.

So about me... I am a 22 year old female who is trying to figure out where I am going with life. Just like any other Generation Y-er, I am a little unsure. All I am sure of is I want to accomplish many great things in life and I know I wanna keep movin on up! I think people should always challenge themselves. If you dont feel challenged anymore you probably aren't doing your best at being better. I am a goal setter. Usually very little or very big... Hardly ever in between.

I am an only child who basically grew up with cousins as brothers and sisters. My family is my life! Without them I am nothing. I was raised by my mom and my dad. My dad passed away about 2-1/2 years ago from a sudden heart attack. My family keeps telling me that I am my "father's daughter." They call me George Jr. Apparently I am JUST like him. I'll take that as a compliment thank you! So being just like him the fact that he is no longer here as hit me hard. I am not one to really show my pain and sorrow, so I hold it all in and know that whatever doesn't kill me can only make me stronger. That is the truth.

Anyways... How about some fun stuff?...

So I went to Lindbergh High School and graduated as part of the Class of 2002. I wasn't a big fan of high school but Dance Team kept me interested. I was a member of the Dance Team for 3 years and Captain for 2. Without that team I would have HATED high school. Although I kind of miss it now. Maybe its just because there was less responsibility. I guess I cant say HATE because if it wasn't for high school I would have never met my hubby! Yes that's right... I am married to my high school sweetheart! yea yea yea AWwWw get it all out! haha But seriously he is the greatest!

So where are we now? Well after 7-1/2 years of being together we finally got married on January 1st, 2007! YAY! We got our own place in March and are hoping to purchase something sometime next year.

What else? I work for a major real estate company.

My friends... I LOVE THEM! They are seriously the best EVER! My best friends and I have been friends since junior high and before! I love it! My friends are my family and we already talked about that so ya know how I am about that.

Well I have to end this now but I am sure if you continue to read my posts you will figure out the person that I am! So Ciao For Now!